Exercise 1.2 – Street photography

For this exercise, I walked around London streets from South Kensington all the way to the City of London and back. Taking different 60 photographs in total, 30 in colour and 30 black and white, proved to be more challenging that I thought, and I spread the shut-out over three separate days. Below I provide thumbnails of each of the two final sets:


Black and white

My favourite shots from both series are show below:

I found myself taking slightly different types of photographs on both sets. The black and white set includes quite a few pictures that rely on reflections, light and shadows and / or were taken indirectly, whereas the colour set includes more straightforward shots and was focused on objects and situations imagined while walking along. At the moment, I feel more pleased with how the black and white pictures came out, but only because they are more aesthetically pleasing, possibly because I have also been taking more black and white pictures in recent years (most of them in film) and my eye is more attuned with what. However, I feel that the colour photographs have the potential to make a story more interesting by virtue of “normalizing” the look and allowing the contents to become more relevant. An example of this is the shot of the abandoned heels, taken on the southern edge of Hyde Park. The scene is normalized by being shot straight in colour, without any manipulation, and one would not think much of this if it was not for the abandoned shoes, which prompt the viewer to ask where these came from, who might have abandoned them and why? In black and white, the same scene would not look natural and the shoes would not have stood out as much as they do here.



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