Assignment 1 – Final set and presentation ideas

Following principal photography and the selection process, I came up with the following two sets. All images are meant to be untitled.

Set 1

Set1-1Set 1-2Set 1-3Set 1-4Set 1-5Set 1-6

Set 2

Set 2-1Set 2-2Set 2-3Set 2-4Set 2-5Set 2-6

I always envisaged these two sets to be joined at the middle. As indicated in my preliminary comments, aside from the personal connection that I may have to some aspects of these personas, I wanted to explore in this assignment the idea of ambiguity and duality and to dissipate any perception that these two characters could not coexist, to a certain extent, in real life. In order to do that, I envisaged the two series to be seen as a sequence of images, like in a book, that could be started at either end, coming together in the middle, in images that almost mirror each other. I have included here a link to a sketched presentation of how this would look like.

The summary notes accompanying my assignment submission can be found here





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