Assignment 2 – Photographing the unseen: process and selection.

Shooting took place over two days and a total of 122 images were taken (see contacts here), although many of these were double takes, as I experimented with various apertures to determine the optimal depth of field. All the images were taken with wide to normal lenses (28mm, 40mm and 50mm) on a tripod mounted camera at the lowest possible ISO setting that would ensure sharp images. In most cases this was between ISO 50 and ISO 200, but one set of images (the playing of cards with smart phones) was taken at ISO 1600 due to the subject not being a still life. Most of the images were taken at relatively small apertures (f8 to f16).

Except for some shots taken in the interior of a car, all shots were taken indoors and contain in some cases a mixture of artificial and natural light. In some cases this posed a challenge during post processing, as the temperature of the light sources was slightly different in some cases and this required some rebalancing to minimise colour casts in some areas of the images.

The dynamic range of some of the scenes was quite significant and at some point I decided to try to create HDR images to lower the contrast slightly and see if this created better looking images, but in the end the pictures had too many artifacts from the HDR combination, so I decided to slightly overexposed and then recover the highlights and shadows in post-processing and go for a more moody, contrasty look.

Other than light and colour adjustments, some of the pictures were slightly cropped and some distracting elements (like logos or icons in some of the smart phone images) were cloned out).

The final sequence of images is shown below:


Assignment 2 - Image 1Assignment 2 - Image 2Assignment 2 - Image 3Assignment 2 - Image 4Assignment 2 - Image 5Assignment 2 - Image 6Assignment 2 - Image 7

I envisage the images being presented in a book, each photograph occupying one page on a two page spread. A sketch of the final presentation booklet can be seen here.




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