Assignment 3 – Final selection and presentation

At first, my intention was to pair the photographs taken for this assignment with a single word describing the emotion or state of mind which inspired the image. In some cases, I felt that the connection between images and the caption was too indirect or that the ideas portrayed, when condensed into single words, resulted in captions that were too similar to each other. I concluded that a better idea would be to accompany the photographs with excerpts from the dairies, rather than single words or short titles; thus wrapping each image into a situation or story, potentially more complex and dimensional than just an abstract concept. The challenge with this approach is that I would have to de-contextualise the captions in some way, as I did not want to include whole sections of my diary (for privacy considerations). This could result in extracts that are either too specific or too vague.

I approached this task by going through the diary and extracting parts of it that I considered the best fit to accompany the photographs. I did several passes of this, re-reading and extracting new parts as I re-visited the episodes jotted down. I then tabulated the extracted parts by date and noted the images I considered more appropriate to accompany each of them.  The final presentation (which can be seen here), was inspired by the way Anna Fox presented her series My Mother’s Cupboards and my Father’s Words (link) (1).


(1) My Mother’s Cupboards : Anna Fox. 2018. My Mother’s Cupboards : Anna Fox. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 08 February 2018].



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