Assignment 3 – Preliminary ideas

In preparation for this assignment, I kept a diary between 4th of December until 26th of December 2017 (23 days in total). During this time I jotted down an assortment of work episodes, dreams and general thoughts. The diary was later reviewed by my wife, who pointed out the parts that she considered interesting. Besides my thoughts, I also recorded commentary on third parties that may be sensitive. As a result of this, I have decided not to post the diary in my blog or to use it fully as part of the submission.

The commentary from my wife was made in two parts. She initially reviewed the first week, and then suggested me to make some changes to the way I was recording my thoughts. She suggested that I was being a bit too superficial and ornate in my writing and that I should go more in-depth into what was going through my mind. She also suggested that I extract an overall theme from the diary and built a series around it – a single concept emerging from the various entries. As she reviewed the remaining two weeks of entries and highlighted the bits that she liked, it started to become clear to me that I wanted to do a series about the various states of mind that I went through during the period that I kept the diary. I believe many of these states are frequently recurring for me, and I thought that trying to find representations for these in photographic terms would be, if not therapeutic, at least another way of bringing them into my consciousness.


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