Assignment 3 reconsidered

Following feedback comments received from my tutor (see attached here), I decided to re-work my submission for the third assignment.

A key comment from my tutor was that the images presented were at times too literal transcriptions of the captions. His advice ranged from changing the caption or reworking the images, to eliminating the caption altogether in some cases. I felt that captions were a key part of the work and that I did not want to remove them. However, when looking again at the work as originally presented, I noticed two things: that indeed the pictures were sometimes too close to some of the words, and secondly (and perhaps more importantly) that the captions did not reflect the story I wanted to tell. The latter was perhaps a consequence of following the script of the assignment too closely: I had given my diary to somebody to select the best parts on my behalf and I worked on finding images to suit such passages, but when I read the diary myself for a second time, for the purposes of this reassessment, a different story emerged, underlined by the state of mind I was going through at that time. I felt compelled, when I re-read these diary entries, to develop that story further by re-selecting all the captions and trying to fit them to the images I had taken at that time, including some which were initially rejected. When doing this, I wanted to put a degree of separation between the images and the captions, so that the former were not seen as a literal representation of the latter. I went about this in two ways: at first, I tried to recall what was happening when I took the pictures (and not necessarily what the pictures show), and then match such feelings to the new captions. When this did not work, I focused on the feelings that the pictures evoked when looking at them now.

The final image selection is included below. The revised annotated contact sheets and assignment notes can be found here and here

dsc02454dscf2479dscf2529dsc02572dscf2691dscf2421dscf2707OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As was the case in my original submission, I intended this work to be presented as a booklet, alongside the captions, of which a mock-up can be seen here. A revised self assessment for the assignment can be found here




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